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Apparently it's not been a good time for my friends' pets:(

Misty called me a bit ago to tell me she was on her way to the emergency vet because Stella, her cat, may have had a stroke. Please send up any prayers and good thoughts her way. She has had Stella for so many years; they have been through a lot together through the years. Best buds you could say. I can only imagine the heartache she is going through right now. Earlier, she was telling me how Stella had woken her up this morning, it was so adorable! Now this.

Edited to add:

I got a VM earlier, the vet says Stella had a seizure that could be glucose related. She is going to go to the regular vet and get blood work done to find out.

Edited again to add:
I talked with Misty, and Stella is ok, back to her old self, and is at home. I'm so happy about that!
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